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Shipping Container Delivery

Please review the below list of possible Container Delivery services that are available VIA / With RTL – reliable transportation link:

RTL Container Service – Encompasses every aspect of your container needs. Large fleet of company various dedicated equipment, chassis (20’ to 53’ feet), and tractors. Proper Container Lifting equipment / Cranes, including specialized chassis for Over Dimensional or Over Weight Cargo/containers and refrigerated containers – everything that you may need, to ensure that your Cargo is delivered always on time, with safety in mind, regardless of the season and the time of a day.

RTL Bonded Container Delivery – RTL is a Canada Customs Bonded Carrier and we offer the full range of transportation services for bonded shipments for your Canadian Destinations and your US needs. Port or Rail Deliveries. Please ask us about the proper Bonded solutions.

RTL Heated and Frozen or Refrigerated Container Cargo – a full range of storage and transportation solutions, of your Refrigerated Ocean Cargo or Freight in Reefer Containers, are always available with RTL. Volume is not an issue. Trained RTL drivers will deliver your Refrigerated Cargo. When required, we will provide a large number of the Genset Chassis and Electrical plug-ins. Our storage facility is equipped to handle many Reefer Containers at any time. Do give us a call – at 905 660 7766 or e-mail

RTL Export Containers Service – RTL provides full support when it comes to your export shipments with taking full care of your Reservations (RVies) at CN and Rail Billing Requirements with CP. Your Export high Volume Container Cargo/Freight is always being accommodated, when you are running out of space in your warehouse or when your clients are placing an order to ship! Ours learned and experienced dispatch and customer care team of transportation professionals works with you directly, ensuring that the cut-off times are met and your container shipping needs are addressed the way you prefer! RTL will always provide a cost-effective solution, where you need it the most with ultimate flexibility in mind!
RTL Import Containers Service – RTL handles daily large volumes of Import and Export containers 24/7/365. Our unique ability to provide reliable, at the same time flexible, fast, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions, creates the desired piece of mind for our clients. Your orders of single or multiple shipments are being accepted and assessed by our Dispatch and Customer Service team. The Imports team tracks all of your containers from the port, on rail and sends notifications to you about Your shipments’ status, and ensures that your Container Cargo, is safely delivered to its destination on time, without any storage incurred at the Rail!

RTL Storage Solutions – RTL provides unlimited container storage solutions for any type and size of your containers. Bonded Containers will/can be also stored. We are strategically located close to CN and CP Rail Yards. By using RTL’s Storage Yards, RTL saves money and our clients are always able to dedicate more time, to their core business needs, without worrying about the Railhead’s limitations. Your Import Containers will be pulled out from the Rail, always on time before the storage starts. Our Storage facility is fully fenced and CCTV monitored 24/7 by a security guard and video surveillance. Satisfaction is guaranteed with a worry-free environment.

Do not hesitate to contact us on any of the above services with any questions. We listen and we help! We are available for you 24 hours per day 365 days per year. For regular Business Hours, Monday to Friday 6 AM to 6 PM e-mail us at and for After Hours Service and the weekend please e-mail us at

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