Reliable Transportation Link

Reliable Transportation Link


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Container Delivery In Canada, US And Internationally

As a top transportation & shipping company, RTL is supplying various Shippers and forwarders importers and exporters, businesses and manufacturers, public and private institutions, construction industry, government and military organizations and anyone who is in need for a Perfect and

Cost Effective Storage Solution – where ever you may need, locally in Canada, US or Overseas, with Door to Door Delivery Service, with new or used, metal with wooden floor Containers for Shipping (SOC – Shipper’s Own Container – for International movement) or for Transporting (any kind of goods or equipment) between your sites or business locations, for On Site Storage – Lockable, Secured, Weather/Wind/Water Tight Portable Ground Storage Container Solutions.

We can Also Store your goods with us for as long as you need and deliver to you on demand! Any Certification or a Survey is available with your request, Cargo Worthy or CSC. If/when Modification is required, we will make it happen to meet your needs with cost effective approach.

Care to give us a Call, we listen to your needs and we provide what you require, Rental Containers or Containers to purchase / Buy. New, Used or Modified to your needs.

We always have in stock, substantial inventory of new and used containers for sale and it is just a phone call away 905 660 7766. Any desired size – 20’ / 40’ Standard – STD or a High Cube – HC / 45’ / 48’ / 53’ of container that you may require, is available with RTL and a proper size of Chassis as well! This includes also Refrigerated Containers, Open Top – OT containers and Flat Racks – FR. We also arrange a ground delivery in your location.

*** Metal / Rust Protection – we offer Unique Coating – Liquid Rubber Protection with up to 20 years Guarantee against corrosion, leaks, weather affected situations. We will spray your Container inside or outside and it will serve you, for a very long period, without the need of replacing your container due to wear and tear! No smell, no residue, washable! Ask about it!

RTL – Reliable Transportation Link is a One Stop Solution for all of your container needs. RTL – for your Complete Logistics Solutions!

We P&D – Provide and Deliver to where You need and when You need it!

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