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About Reliable Transportation Link

Reliable – As a top transportation & shipping company, RTL has been working in the transportation industry for well over a decade. We strongly believe in the development of long-term relationships with our customers who in turn can be assured of receiving reliable, progressive transportation solutions and high-quality professional service.

Results – We constantly drive for results and success without deviating from our foundation, which is built on trust, respect, and integrity. We are accountable for delivering high-quality services, which are continually enriched by open retrospective and dynamic learning and revision. RTL is committed to the provision of quality transportation services, flexible delivery, and a high standard of customer service. We aim to build and retain long-term relationships with our clients.

RTL Advantages – Customer-Focused Services – Result-Driven Basis – Team-Oriented Company – Safe and Reliable – Quality Assured Service!

RTL – Reliable Transportation Link – complete solutions for your Cargo! RTL is in this business for many years and has its own reputation with the marine containers community. RTL provides a full commitment to Freight Delivery, with our friendly systems and innovative methods. In today’s market, with tough competition, we understand our customer’s needs and based on that, we provide efficient and flexible operations that run smoothly without any delay while providing a worry-free environment. Our company team work is based on courage and entrepreneurship. We are powered by new innovative ideas, and well disciplined, a team of effective decision makers. RTL team rightly understands the necessities of every customer and market requirement, delivering it proactively. A continuous process of your freight requires attention where, and RTL staff gives, that extra edge all the time. We believe in quality service through balanced equipment ownership, operational stability, and efficiency. We always value each and every client and we are committed to customer satisfaction. At present, RTL is expanding in different areas of Canada and the US enabling all customers with flexible, reliable, and consistent services wherever they need their service. Our knowledge, competency level, and packaged service have Superior Value. Please ask us about what we can help with!

Reasons to Switch today to RTL to access our compelling solutions nationwide:

  • Volume surge ability – dedicated trucks and drivers help meet your business’s weekly, monthly, or seasonal peak-time demands.
  • Savings through continuous improvement – our known in advance competitive pricing – Using technology, Key Performance Indicators to customize to your business and we improve your supply chain. We report on operational data and provide automated email notifications of ETAs, delivery delays, and any other data you may need.
  • Service – when you need it around the clock, arranged in advance according to your actual needs.
  • Trusted name with solutions that you trust – RTL will make your logistics needs easy.
  • Fleet safety & compliance – training and safety programs, monitored by our safety and compliance team. All drivers min 3 years of experience with no accidents!
  • Centralized dispatch – For multiple stores/facilities, we provide centralized dispatch service with real-time needs.
  • National coverage, local service – facilities across Canada – saving you time and money while delivering consistent dedication to your needs.
  • Reliable Transportation Link – provides a solution you can trust no matter what your supply chain needs are!

Transportation Technology

RTL Technology is an interactive information management system that includes 2-way mobile communications, driver and cargo tracking, and management software. Customer care services and other communications with real-time messaging, and performance monitoring, enable us to react to customers’ requirements in real time. Our system provides instant tracking of your cargo, previous history, and current location. Our Container / Intermodal dispatch track and trace Operations, ensure all service expectations, are met and exceeded. We are EDI (electronic data interchange) with clients who require it. Our technology provides increased efficiency and makes it simpler, to work with our clients, and creates visibility into the service that we are providing.


Transportation Solutions

Solutions through experience with profound positive impact.  When faced with making decisions in today’s fluctuating markets, it pays to have industry experts on your side. We will listen, provide advice, and assist you in arriving at the best possible solution for your company or project.

RTL – added experience, added clarity, and added value! 

With customized solutions, RTL is your one-stop solution providing Powerful, Compelling, and Complete advantages in Transportation and Communications. We provide an after-hours hotline, assuring Reliable Service for your satisfaction. Ask us how to easily follow up on your cargo, as well as to have access to all other information whenever you need it – 24 hrs per day and 365 days a year.

Complete Logistics Solutions

RTL has established its reputation within the marine containers market with a commitment to finding new and innovative methods of freight delivery to all our clients. In today’s competitive markets, we understand that our customers rely on efficiency and flexibility to keep their operations running smoothly without delays.

Our company was founded on the spirit of entrepreneurship, courage, and team work. Armed with new ideas, and empowered by a culture of disciplined, educated, and effective decision-makers, the RTL team is always able to respond proactively to our customer’s needs and market requirements. A one-stop solution to all kinds of your freight needs, RTL is equipped with (EDI) technology and the most effective staff members, the highest advantage over its competitors. RTL offers operational efficiency, via balanced ownership and leasing of the equipment, providing operational stability for RTL’s business and customers.

We Provide and Deliver Value to all clients!

Today, RTL continues to expand within ocean container dray markets throughout Canada and US, providing our customers with a consistent, flexible, and reliable service.



As a top transportation & shipping company, we work hard to help our customers to achieve their top performance every day. We take pride in delivering extraordinary customer service and products to our customers. When we set the expectations, with our customers or our colleagues, we execute for Results.


We constantly drive for results and success, without wavering, from our foundation, which is built on trust, respect and integrity. We are accountable for delivering high-quality service and products, which are continually enriched by open, dynamic revisions and learning.


We know, that the best results are achieved, when everyone works together, to achieve the same goal.
We conduct our business with empathy, compassion, collaboration and cooperation.
Team work requires respect among peers at all levels.

Safety And Protection

This is always a driving force in all of our actions, with the environment, our property, our customers and each other. We protect each other from harm, as well as our assets and intellectual property. We are committed to quality concepts and practices, in safety and environmental stewardship, ethical and business conduct, with the community responsibility.

Quality Assurance

RTL is committed to the provision of quality transportation services, flexible delivery services and a high standard of customer care / service. We aim to build and retain long-term relationships with our clients by:
Providing affordable and effective services.
Demonstrating always professional and pro-active approach towards customer needs.
Maintaining an ongoing commitment to the needs of our clients.
Addressing all aspects of customer satisfaction, we always listen and improve.
Providing upportive, enjoyable and rewarding environment for customers and employees.
Our commitment to these objectives is confirmed by a quality management system adopted by RTL, which ensures continual monitoring and improvement of our training, transportation services and the compliance with MTO requirements.

The RTL Advantage

• Customer-Focused Services
• Result-Driven Basis
• A Team Oriented Company
• Safe and Reliable
• Quality Assured Service

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