Full Container Load Advantages

Learn the Advantages That a Full Container Load Has to Offer

A full container load often referred to as FCL for short, is a method of shipping your cargo to any destination you like. This type of transportation means that a particular shipment’s load has already reached its maximum weight allowed for transportation. It is generally a standard style container that measures anywhere from 20 to 40 feet in length. The accepted practice is that this full container is assigned to a single shipper only. Although the name contains the word “full”, the shipper has the option not to fill the container entirely and instead, reserve the rest of the space for other needs.

There is another type of container shipping that is the opposite of FCL. It is the less than container load. For instance, with a less than container load, you actually share the shipping container with multiple other shippers. If you do not have an excess of cargo to ship, this arrangement could be very beneficial for you in terms of cost.

However, if your shipments are large, then a less than container load is not recommended. In this scenario, a full container load is the first choice and most sensible one.

An FCL offers a number of advantages in terms of logistics, particularly for oversized shipments. If you would prefer that your goods not be handled until they reach their destination point, then this can be achieved with an FCL, per your instructions. In addition, if you are shipping special equipment or goods, then a full container will be your best option for meeting any special needs requirements. Fragile cargo, like chemicals, are shipped the most safely when they are placed inside a specialized container that is designed specifically for its needs. There are many different types of specialized FCLs available. With this type of container, you will be able to rest assured that your cargo will reach its final point of destination safely and securely.

After deciding whether or not an FCL is right for you, your next step should be to locate a shipping firm that has the capabilities and amenities that your cargo requires. This is where Reliable Transportation Link can step in to offer our assistance. We have the technology to provide you with instantaneous reports, via fax or email, about the status of your cargo, and we can provide you with an estimation on the price of your shipping load, so you can begin to prepare for the cost.

Shipping cargo, regardless of what type it is, is a delicate process, and it is our pledge to each of our clients that their cargo will arrive at its final destination in as good of shape as when it first shipped. For a full cargo load, full container shipping is the way to go.

To learn more about how Reliable Transportation Link can assist you with your shipping needs, please contact us today via phone, email, or through our website.


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