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As a top transportation & shipping company, Our flexibility with transportation solutions allows us to keep our customers happy. There are proper solutions of specialized services that are tailored to your needs. Do take advantage of our complete service proposal to help lower your costs and improve efficiencies throughout your business. Our freight management service provides a one-stop transportation solution. We have the tools and the skills to ensure we provide and deliver a quality distribution program that meets your specific needs. We offer – High quality Service. Special cargo care and appointment management. Support EDI standards. Customized processes and solutions. Single point of contact for customer service and billing – One Company and one bill for all of your transportation needs. Secure environment with 24/7 guards and CCTV. When you need – Online status for tracing and POD imaging or Electronic POD generated at the time of the delivery. Freight consolidation and distribution programs. Expedited service for critical deliveries. Integrated real-time fleet communications. Cross docking, postponement, and reverse logistics programs. Customized management and KPI reports. Union or Nonunion, long-term employees. Daily deliveries to major retail distribution centers. Talk to our experts about a customized solution that meets your definite immediate needs.

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